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Founded in 2009 we started off as a brick and mortar store. We specialized in providing customers high quality goods and low affordable prices. As the world changed, so did our business model. In 2010 we started selling our products on the internet. At a time when most people never heard of the internet, it was considered a bold move. The risk was proved to be fruitful. Being a trailblazer has allowed our business to grow from a small, regionalized phone order company to one to the top online retailers today.

The unfortunate nature of technology sales leads to many returns. Research shows 37 percent of all technology purchases are taken back to the store within 30 days or purchase. The reasons behind these returns are numerous.

  • Pushy salesmen steer customers to high mark-up products that don’t fit the shopper’s needs
  • Many consumers purchase items that don’t have enough/have too many features
  • Some consumers can’t figure out how to use item and return it to the store in frustration
  • Astute shoppers found a better deal elsewhere
  • And sometimes people just change their mind

When these items are returned to the stores, retailers can no longer sell it as “new” and return it to the manufactures. That’s where we come in. We take these perfectly functional goods, thoroughly test them to ensure there’s nothing wrong, clean them up, and offer them to our customers at a significantly discounted rate.

Our certified technicians carefully inspect and clean every product we sell. In order to maintain the highest quality for our customers, only 28% of the products we buy are commissioned for resale. The rest are used as parts or recycled.

Before any item is sold, it undergoes our rigid refurbishing process…

  • Product must pass a visual inspection based on original factory standards. If the parts do not meet the original manufacturing requirements they are replaced. Any blemishes, abrasions or scratches are cleaned or removed.
  • Electronics are powered up and tested. All interior components are inspected and tested for functionality. If the product contains aftermarket replacement parts, the item is scrapped or recycled.
  • If any area of the testing fails to meet our standards the item is disassembled down to parts. The individual components are tested and replaced if necessary. Using manufacture specific standards the item is rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Upon completion of rebuild the item is rigorously tested. Product is tested in a work environment and not simulation. The hours tested is specific according to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring “out of the box” functionality.
  • All cables are tested and inspected for shorts, frays or physical damage. Connectivity must be ensured or the cable will be discarded.
  • Product is checked for the latest firmware and software updates. All software is restored back to factory defaults settings and all passwords are reset.
  • When the item has been approved for resale the exterior is polished or repainted in order to create a “like new” appearance. Any parts with permanent cosmetic damage are replaced.
  • Product is carefully boxed in protective material to safeguard from any damage that may occur in transit.

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