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Promotional Codes

A promotional code is only found on an online coupon. A promotional code is the online coupon equivalent. When you’re finished shopping and enter the checkout page, there should be a box that asks for a discount code or a promotional code. Enter the promotional code in this box, and the discount specified on the coupon should be assessed and deducted from your bill. Always check the itemized list of your bill to make sure the discount was taken before you make the final purchase.

Coupon Codes

A coupon code is synonymous with a promotional code. Coupon codes illustrate one reason why many people shy away from online shopping or using online discounts. To a novice online shopper, a lot of the terminology will be new and different. There will also be words like “coupon code” and “promotional code” which sound different but actually mean the same thing. But this minor hurdle should not deter people from shopping online. The terms might seem foreign to begin with, but as with anything new, allow a little time, and they will soon feel comfortable and familiar.

Special Discount Link

A Special discount link is a specific type of online coupon. It is essentially a special link to a retailer’s website. Unlike an online coupon where you have to type in a promotional code at the time of checkout for a discount to be assessed, using the special discount link will automatically deduct the coupon’s value from your final bill. Again, if you’re using a discount link, no additional codes or actions need to be done for the discount to be taken. To ensure the discount was taken, always check your itemized bill before checkout.

Ongoing Promotions

Other online coupons simply say ongoing promotion. An ongoing promotion simply means that coupon is valid until the retailers decide otherwise. Since it’s at the retailer’s discretion, the promotion could be revoked at any time, but generally speaking, these deals are staples of the website. One example of an ongoing promotion would be free shipping on for all orders over $25. This deal has been a part of the Amazon website for quite some time with no sign of changing any time soon. Generally, online coupons are much more likely than paper coupons to engage in ongoing promotions.

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