Price Match


Shop with us…worry free!

With our Absolute Low Price Guarantee, we promise to offer the lowest prices around…anywhere! Unlike many other low price “guarantees” we’ll meet–and beat–any lower price you find anywhere…including the internet. Other retailers might have a low price guarantee, but it only applies to other retail stores. No other stores match prices found on the internet. If you find a lower price let us know immediately. We want to refund you the difference…and lower our prices! We’re committed to being the lowest prices…anywhere!

If I see an item cheaper, how do I get it for that price?
Email or call us and we’ll adjust our prices accordingly. Let us know what you’re looking for and where you found it cheaper. We’ll process the order and give you the difference–guaranteed!

How do I get a refund for something I already purchased?
Contact our customer service department. We want you to get the best deal even after your purchase has been completed. That’s why we offer a 60-day low price guarantee. If you see a lower price within 60 days of purchase, let us know and we’ll see that you get refunded the difference. While other stores might offer a 30-day low price guarantee, we fully embrace our lower price reputation by offering a window twice as larger as our competitors

What if I see a lower price on the internet?
We’ll beat that too!

How do I prove I saw a lower price?
Contact us. If it’s a website, send us the link. If it’s a print advertisement, scan us the ad. But the easiest approach is to contact us and allow our customer support team to do the hard work.

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