100% Satisfaction


When we started off as a little store in 2009, we made customer satisfaction top priority. Being a small retailer, we felt great customer service was the only way we could compete with the other guys. We couldn’t afford expensive television campaigns or hourly radio commercials. That’s why we realized we needed our customers do to the advertising for us. If our customers were happy with their purchase and the service they received, they would tell their friends and their friends would shop with us. And if we gave those customers great customer service they would tell their friends…and so on. One customer became three, three became nine, and we would have a strong customer base rooted on word of mouth recommendations…all due to great customer service.

We adhere to that philosophy today. We still don’t advertise as much as the other guys and we’re okay with that. Based on the mantra of “one happy customer becomes three,” we stick to the approach of going above and beyond our customer’s expectations. After 5 years of doing business, we found this to be a success model and we’ll continue to do for the next 30 years.

The other guys believe in volume. Their business model is successful with seven happy customers and three angry customers. But not us. We don’t like angry customers. Happiness makes the world go round! We’d much rather have four happy customers and no angry customers. This approach might prevent us from doing the volume the other guys have, but allows us to turn a tidy profit and feel good about ourselves knowing we did the right thing by our customers.

We stand by our service and your satisfaction. Some retailers offer a 14-day return window. Others might give you 30 days to exchange, assuming everything is still new in the box. But that’s not good enough for Home and Office Deals. That’s why we offer an unheard of 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems at all within 30 days of purchase, contact us and we’ll make it right. We offer tech support, quality assurances, and a product satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy, we’re unhappy. And we need you to be happy or our business will fall apart.

If you have problems with…

  • Nonfunctional items
  • Difficulty using items
  • Items damaged during shipping
  • Wrong item
  • Unsatisfied with purchase
  • Don’t like the color
  • Takes up too much desk space
  • Changed your mind

…let us know immediately so we can make it right. Customer service and satisfaction at Home and Office Deals isn’t just a sales pitch: it’s our business philosophy.

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